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Mountain Road

Arquivo de partitura musica incluindo uma licença para um número ilimitado de apresentaçoes, limitado por um ano
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Título alternativo
Guitar Exercises
Clássico / Peça
Guitarra Acústica, Guitarra semiacústica
Composição para
Solo, Dueto
Tipo de composição
Score for two performers, For a single performer
Mi (E) menor
Ano de composição
The ‘Mountain Road’ (by an immodest and funny comparison with ‘Gradus Ad Parnassum’) is a complex of some preparatory exercises, a duo piece (based on them) for two guitars and audio tracks. The set might be very helpful for both beginners and advanced guitar students. The tune was constructed of the most common and usable elements occur in many musical compositions (from J.S.Bach to The Beatles etc.). Another bonuses of the “Mountain Road’ is that a student begins to play in a middle of the fretboard sliding along it up and down at once in first lessons and stretches gently left palm preparing it for barre positions.
Sometimes it happens so that the newcomer students especially teenagers do not feel much enthusiastic about learning notes. They want play something interesting and well-sounding in a first classes already. That’s why I’ve composed these exercises for my students. We begin to learn them after a couple of introductory lessons, after the main principles of left and right hands fingering were explained and basic exercises for both hands were worked out.
Part A (Ex.01-03) consists of three simple enough exercises: two versions of the E minor scale played on 6th, 5th and 4th strings and an arpeggio version.
Part B ‘The Double notes track’ (Ex.04-06) represents the work out the parallel 10th interval progression (thirds over octaves). It’s advisable to pay attention to correct fingering in both hands to perfect movements.
Part C (Ex.07-09). All the previous intervals here are incorporated in chord structures. New types of right hand fingering are included also.
Part D “Triple Track’ (Ex.10a-10e) is a workout of the familiar interval line with a new sounds played on a first string. So the new voicing melody appears.
Part E (Ex.11-12) Working with rhythm. It’s all about constructing strumming using dead notes. It might be a good example of first drawing near the Latin rhythmical patterns as well.
Part F (Ex.13) combines all the previously learned elements together in a one piece. It is possible to perform it separately or use it as a ground for improvisation. It has two alternative endings for different levels of musical skills.
The set of ‘The Mountain Road’ includes also the duo sheet. The Solo part is for advanced musician – teacher or elder students. Two separated parts are included.
The ‘Mountain Road’ set contains audio track programmed with Guitar Pro 7.5.
Good luck, feel free to change something & have fun on the road to your top!
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